Hamilton, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, became one of my favorite musicals - and probably for lots of people. Among the iconic characters are the Schuyler sisters - Angelica, Peggy and Eliza. As a personal and experimental project, I wanted to develop a Lettering and Illustration for a supposed book inspired by the lives of the Schuyler sisters.
Initially I did some research for typographic and visual references, much of the inspiration was the sisters themselves and their looks through the musical.​​​​​​​

Throughout the musical, there are many historical references and facts from the 19th century, and the Schuyler sisters bring a relaxed yet empowered dynamic to the musical. This was one of the initial concepts used for the development of the lettering. The result was translated into a dynamic and relaxed typography, although bringing elements of the time such as the contrasts of the lines and the triangular serif.

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