Briefing: During my exchange year in Hamburg, Germany, I've developed this project for the Brand/Type Design class. 
Schanzen Festival is a musical festival for alternative, pop and indie music with the one purpose of bringing people and tribes together in one evento through enterteinment and culture. The personality of the festival is defined by Young, Fresh, Alternative and Diverse Scene.
Music is in everywere and it brings people together. The city is part of this proccess of communication and it's the main stage of creating these groups. The city was used as a concept to bring life to this music festival and its identity. 
The city communicates, the city talks. 
The main inspiration for the Schanzen Music Festival was the Sternschanze neighbourhood in Hamburg, Germany. The area is well known for its vintage stores, flea markets, bars and alternative scene in Hamburg.
The Logo was inspired by the architecture, builduings and movement of the citites. The different positions of perspective on each letter, emphasizes the dinamics of the movement of the blocks, that can be seen as builduings.
The typeface "Venn" was designed by Dalton Maag and it's used as a main type for texts and informations, variating the size and weight of the type.
Offical Line Up
Performance Tests

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