Briefing: "Soupet" is a store of articles for pets located in Joaçaba, Santa Catarina.  The initial briefing consisted on the creation of a brand that related to affection and also the quality of its products. I was responsible for the development of the whole project and also the final presentation for the client.
Challenges: Development of a visual identity that translated all the requested concepts by the client and also a creative approach for a very competitive market. 
Solution: After research and analysis, the ideal option for the store turned out to be a logotype that could represent the desired concept, which turned into cute and happy images and colors, friendly typography and shapes. ​​​​​​​
Process: Briefing • Discover • Analysis • Sketches • Final Presentation
I've chosen two different typographies to complement each other and also with different uses. To create a bigger contrast and a vibrant look, it was chosen two contrasting colors of blue and pink. 
For the launch of the store, a launch campaign was created with the concept and slogan "Feed your pet with love", using a mix of images and vectorial illustrations. I was also responsible for the creation of the firsts social media posts to be used by the brand with the new visual identity.
The store was officially inaugurated at the 6th of December, 2019.

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