Itapet is a new pet shop located in the city of Itaara, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. For the development of the brand and visual identity, some important points were raised for the creation of a visual concept. Affection, care and energy were the words found and suggested to be taken as the concept of the project. 

The visual identity translates into a color palette with a contrast of vibration and temperature, aiming at impact and bringing the visual concept of energy. The symbol translates the main pillars of the concept, bringing the sum of the silhouette of a dog, a cat and a heart. The typography also brings proximity to the public, due to its rounded corners and its friendly shape.

Brand: Itapet
Location: Joinville, Santa Catarina
Year: 2021
Agency: Magica Comunicação (Joinville, Brazil)
Designer: João Victor P. Thomaz

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