Braga’s is the new consultancy focused on communication strategy. With this new moment, there is a need to develop a visual identity that speaks directly to the public and to the brand's objective. I was responsible for the development of the visual identity alongside the team at Magica Comunicação, in Joinville.

For this challenge, a visual identity was developed, bringing elements of grandeur, seriousness and modernity, so that the new brand can create strength through a visual and strategic concept. The logo brings a combination of communication elements, the letter B and the concept of connection and modernity. Through colors that enhance the desired seriousness and confidence, the visual identity is complemented with elements to help build this concept.

Brand: Braga's
Location: Joinville, Santa Catarina
Year: 2021
Agency: Magica Comunicação (Joinville, Brazil)
Designer: João Victor P. Thomaz
Diretor de Criação: Rodrigo Ascensão e Evandro da Rosa
Copywriter: André Luiz

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