Bodega is a convenience and hamburger shop located in the city of Castelo dos Sonhos, in Pará. Aiming new goals, the place underwent renovations and, with that, a new visual identity, which I was responsible for the development. The brand values the quality of its services, aims to bring the people from the city closer and to those who pass by the place.

Bodega's new brand represents a new moment for the city. Bringing references from the rustic, artisanal and valuing the quality of the service, the concept seeks to get closer to the public, align with the market and set new goals.
The hamburger symbol in the logo brings a differentiating factor to the brand, adding to the robust and imposing typography, although friendly and inviting. The colors, inspired by rustic and handcrafted product palettes, evoke quality, joy, confidence and simplicity.

To help the visual identity, I also developed a pattern with icons to reinforce the objective and segment of the brand. The hamburger, convenience and coffee icons are added to the visual identity, strengthening the desired brand and concept.

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