I am a graphic designer and art director currently living in Mainz, German. 
Very passionate about design and pop culture, I seek to explore different kinds of projects, and challenges and also share experiences with others. I've already worked with branding, and packaging design, as an art director, as part of an in-house marketing team, and as a freelancer. Still, my favorite areas are Packaging Design and Branding, although I love to explore and be challenged in different projects - such as editorial and typography. 
I gathered my first experiences during my first year of college when I got an internship at a design studio, where I could learn, search and be a part of many projects in Branding and Packaging. It was a great experience for me to conduct research, assemble presentations and models, participate in brainstorming, be in contact with clients and suppliers, and much more. Since then I’ve worked and explored many different fields of design, where my focus was still branding and packaging design.
 In 2019 I finished my graduation and got my degree. My thesis consisted of the creation of display typography for the LGBTQ+ movement, which has always been an interest for me to explore and study its history visually (Which you can check here). And now I'm finishing my master's studies in Mainz, Germany - the final project is still not available online.
Expertise: Branding Design, Package Design, Advertisement, Print, Typography & more.
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